Elder David H. Cannon Testimony

"Ask a man the question how he knows the gospel to be true. Ask him. ‘Did you ever see an angel?' ‘No.' ‘Did you ever see any one raised from the dead? You speak of the resurrection of the dead; have you ever seen anybody that was resurrected?' ‘No.' ‘How do you know that this gospel is true? What demonstration have you had to satisfy you?' I never have had any miraculous manifestation, but I will tell you what I have had: I have endeavored to render myself obedient to the requirements of the gospel, and as I have done so the Spirit of God has testified to me of its divine authenticity. Any principle that has been revealed from the earliest times until the present, as I have tried to render myself obedient to its requirements, God has given me a testimony regarding it, and my heart and my soul have been satisfied. The hope that is firmly implanted in my heart becomes brighter and stronger as I proceed to render obedience to the requirements made by the gospel through the servants of God."

(Conference Report, Oct. 1912, p. 91)




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