David H. Cannon

1898 Journal Entries  
January 1 to February 3

Sat. Jan 1, 1898
This is High Council day. I was excused to attend the funeral of Sis Annie N. Jolley at Washington. I addressed the [farewell?] for 3/4 of an hour. This is a sad case as they have kept the body 9 days and her husband has not come yet. Josephine accompanied me. Sister J. left a babe 7 days old. I had all my family at Rhoda's for dinner. Wives, children, and children's children. At 5 PM I took Willie and Josephine to Sister Snow's to supper and spent the evening.

Sun. Jan. 2, 1898
Fine day, attended S.S. at 10 AM and meeting at 2 PM. The Saints bore a faithful testimony to the truth of the gospel. John S. Carpenter came to my house this evening. He is a missionary to the ??? and to labor in this stake. We attended the evening meeting.

Mon. Jan. 3, 1898
Came to the Temple at 10 AM. Attended the Ward Priesthood Meeting at 7 PM. Bp. Andrus's daughter with her husband were in attendance to make some confessions. I spoke to the Brethren explaining to them their duties. Prest. McArthur was also present and spoke.
This has been a fine day.

Tues. Jan. 4, 1898
At Temple 6 d Baptisms, 14 dead endowments, 6 d ordinations, no sealings. The boys killed 2 of the pigs today. I wrote to Robt. Knell and W.R. Crawford. I attended the Mutual Improvement Meeting.

Wed. Jan. 5, 1898
We had 22 dead endmts; 10 dead ordinations: no sealings. The day is fine but the snow is not melting as it ought to do.

Thurs. Jan. 6, 1898
We had 22 dead endowments, 9 dead ordinations, no sealings.
I requested all the Brethren workers to be attendance at the Circle today. And the sisters who take charge at the veil to be their places when wanted.
I am glad to say that all the Brethren were present and clothed excepting 2 who had no clothes with them.

Fri. Jan. 6, 1898
(blank spot in middle of all lines)
We ----- ---- dead endmts, 9 dead ordinations, no sealings. It is raining the for--- of the day. It cleared --- 2 PM. David and A---- started to Parowan --- Flour.

Sat. Jan. 8, 1898
I went to Price to attend annual meeting of the stockholders of the field.
It has been a cold day. I got home at 5 PM.

Sun. Jan. 9, 1898
At 12 M attended and spoke at the funeral of Emel Graf. Also attended the afternoon meeting. It has rained most of the day.

Mon. Jan. 10, 1898
Came to the Temple at ten AM. The Jersey heifer had a fine heifer calf this morning. I wrote to John L. Jenkins of Goshen.

Tues. Jan. 11, 1898
We had 3 living and 26 dead endmts. We had 21 dead and 1 baptism for health. We had 1 living and 2 dead sealings and 1 child to its parents.
I wrote to Joseph M Sanders at Virgin City and sent a telegraph to my Bro. George Q. Cannon, this being his birthday, 71 years today. I wrote to Elder George W. Worthen.

Wed. Jan. 12, 1898
We had 34 dead and 3 living endowments 18 dead ordinations. We had 2 living and 13 dead sealings.
I wrote to Apostle H.J. Grant for 3 copies of the Era.

Thurs. Jan 13, 1898
We had 33 dead endmts, 10 [zero may be crossed out] dead ordinations; 3 dead 2d anointings.
I was mouth in the prayer circle. I wrote to George Q. Cannon's & sons co-- in behalf of Brigham Jarvis Junior and sent no. of H.O. order with a request for the books to be sent as ordered.

Fri. Jan. 14, 1898
We had at the Temple 37 dead endmts, 21 dead ordinations, 12 dead sealings, 42 children to parents. I read the lecture.

Sat. Jan. 15, 1898
I was sent for to come to my son Bayard. I found him very sick. I sent for the Dr. who thought he had a bad hernie, but it proved to be a swelling and would in time disappear.

Sun. Jan 16, 1898
My son is still suffering pain. I have stayed with him all day, did not go to meeting.

Mon. Jan. 17, 1898
Attended the funeral of Wm Kemp at the St. George Tabernacle at 10 AM.
In the afternoon I went to the Price, Lewis R. accompanied me, got home at 6 PM. Received a dispatch from AMC my Bro. stating that Mina, Claude, and himself thought of starting to St. George the next day. I telegraphed that I would have a team meet them at Cedar.
Bayard is no better.

Tues. Jan. 18, 1898
We had 54 dead and 3 first and 1 baptism. We had 2 living and 38 dead endmts, 1 living sealing. My son Bayard is no better.
I paid Bro John Pimm 35.00 in TO scrip on the acct which I owe him, he said, Bro. David I will take this but I will not take anymore on this acct I will make you a present of the balance, you are poor and have a big family and I want you to accept this from me. I am blessed of the Lord.
My heart is full of blessings for Bro. Pimm.

Wed. Jan. 19, 1898
Josephine came to say that which seemed to be a breach was only a gathering and had broke and Bayard was better and resting easy.
We had at the Temple 45 dead endmts, 6 children to parents, 1 dead sealing.
I telegraphed my Bro. AMC got answer at 6 PM sent Lewis R to Cedar to meet him gave him 5 dollars to pay expenses.

Thurs. Jan. 20, 1898
We had 46 dead endmts, 22 dead ordinations, 33 dead sealings, also 4 chd to parents.
I wrote to Saml K Gifford.

Fri. Jan. 21, 1898
I wrote to John Steel of Toquerville. We had at the Temple 42 dead endmts, 23 dead ordinations, 8 dead sealings and 6 dead chd to parents.
Got a dispatch from Lewis R. I bought bedstead and springs also wool mattress for Willie at E.B. Snows. Also 2 [fn?] blankets.

Sat. Jan. 22, 1898
I came to the Temple at 10 a.m. got ten dollars and done some writing. Went home at 1 PM, found my Brother there. He had just come. Mina, his daughter and her son Claud accompanied him. Lewis R. met them at Cedar City.
We started Bro. William Fawcett to the asylum this morning. It is sad to see him in the condition he is.

Sun. Jan. 23, 1898
My Bro. AMC [Angus Munn Cannon] accompanied me to S School and to meeting. He spoke to the people 55 minutes. We put a team to the Buggy and called upon A Sullivan and wife also Sis Alger and daughters.

Mon. Jan. 24, 1898
My Brother and myself went hunting today. He got 4 quail (by gift). We got dinner at Josphines. Went and administered to J-- Andrus Jun and wife. Then called upon A.W. Neil Ealewis Jarvis.

Tues. Jan. 25, 1898
We had 3 first, 1 health, 49 dead. I confd 19. We had 35 d endmts, 19 d ordinations, no sealings, I gave lecture.
My Bro. AMC spoke to the people in this Holy Temple this morning. My niece Mina was also here.

Wed. Jan. 26, 1898
We had 39 dead endowmts, 18 dead ordinations, 8 dead sealings. I done 1 and read the lecture. My Bro Angus went out ----ming today.
Last night was the coldest of the season.

Thur. Jan 27, 1898
I called upon John L. Smith and administered to his daughter Lotty R. Carter. We had at the Temple 42 dead endmts, 21 dead ordinations, 1 sealing. -------- I read the lecture. We visited at John T. Woodburys. Bor Angus, Mina, Claud, Willie, Rhoda, and myself.

Fri. Jan. 28, 1898
I wrote to Josiah Roger son and Duckwith Grimshaw at Beaver. We had 44 dead endmts, 23 dead ordinations, 4 dead sealings. I done 2 sealings. We also had 2 chd to parents.

Sat. Jan. 29, 1898
We had a meeting of the stake authorities and much good instruction. Angus and myself went and took dinner at Rhodas in afternoon. We had another good meeting. Bro. Angus spoke to us. We had a good time in the evening. We called upon Aunt Annie and spent a short time.

Sun. Jan. 30, 1898
My Bro Angus and his daughter Mina and my wife Willie accompanied me to the Santa Clara today. We took dinner at Sister Ensigh's. My Bro. occupied the time in giving us a good discourse. Took supper at Sister Anns.

Mon. Jan. 31, 1898
Took my Bro. Angus for a ride. He took a gun. We got no game, got home at night very tired. We got a telegram asking if they should amputate Angus Jr. hand if it was necessary to do so. He answered he hoped it would not be necessary as he was opposed to amputation.

Tues. Feb. 1, 1898
Got dispatch stating that my nephew, Angus Jr. had his hand amputated last night.
We had at Temple 2 first renewal of cov and 40 dead baptisms. I confirmed 11 dead and 1 first and 1 for renewal of cov. We had 4 living and 30 dead endowments, 16 dead ordinations. 1 living sealing, I done it.
The day is mild. I sent a dispatch to my niece Mary Cannon and received answer. Bro Angus and myself called upon Prest McArthur and went and visited Thos. S. Terry at Sister Addie Prices.
I recieved a note from Sis. Alger to the effect that her grandson was dead and that they were bringing in his body from the White Hills.

Wed. Feb. 2, 1898
We had 35 dead endmts, 18 dead ordinations, 3 dead sealings, DHC
I wrote to Prest John D.T. McAllister. I attended the funeral (and spoke to the people) of Lewis Oakden Bryson. We spent the afternoon and evening at Prest McArthur very pleasantly.

Thur. Feb. 3, 1898
We had 33 endowments, 19 d ordinations. I done one sealing dead. I clothed and went into the prayer circle. My Bro. Angus is here with me today. We went to Jos T. Atkins and spent the evening, got home at 11 PM.

Fri. Feb. 4, 1898
This is my son, Bayards birthday. 17 years old. I wrote to my Sister Mrs. Lambert. I sent transcript of paid [?] work done by Zina DH Young. We had 40 dead endowments, 19 dead ordinations, no sealings. My Bro. Angus is poorly.
Spent the day after we returned from the temple at my son Davids and took dinner- had a good time.


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