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JULY 3, 1897 to SEPTEMBER 4, 1897

Compiled and Edited by
Cynthia Burgess Alldredge



When I was in St. George for a few days in April 1992 I came across a copy of this notebook diary. I don't know who has the original. Although it is brief, covering just two months in the summer of 1897, I feel that it is very interesting historically, especially on the topics of travel, medical treatment, LDS Church history, and Cannon family interaction.

The diary or journal contains a daily account of a trip that David H. Cannon made in July 1897 from St. George, Utah to Salt Lake City for his nine-year-old son, Walter , to have a lithotomy (which the dictionary says is the surgical removal of stones from the bladder). His nineteen-year-old daughter, Eva, accompanied them to help care for her brother, probably because their mother, Rhoda Knell Cannon, was expecting her ninth child in August. When they arrived in Salt Lake City they were met by David H.'s first wife, Wilhelmina Mousley Cannon, and her daughter, Josephine, who were visiting in Salt Lake City. David H. and his family apparently stayed most of the time with his brother, Angus M. Cannon. Two of Angus M.'s wives are sisters to Wilhelmina, David H.'s wife. He spent some of the time with his other brother, George Q. Cannon, and some nephews, brothers-in-law and other relatives. He also visited with his sister, Mary Alice Cannon Lambert and many other relatives and friends during his two months in the City.

David H.'s brother, Angus M. was President of the Salt Lake Stake and David H. was able to visit some of the wards with him. His brother George Q. was a councilor in the First Presidency of the LDS Church and so he visited the President's office quite often. (He wrote it as Prests' office). David H. was a councilor in the St. George Stake Presidency and also President of the St. George Temple at this time and was apparently regarded very highly and was invited to speak in meetings and to administer to people while he was in the area. David H. was asked to speak frequently at home also.

The diary tells of the ninety-mile journey from St. George to Milford to catch the train to Salt Lake City. This part of the journey must have been very hard for Walter as his father said that he "suffered much". Later entries tell of David H. informing his third wife, Rhoda (Walter's mother), through letter and telegraph of their son's condition. It must have been very hard for her to be so far away from her son during this time. She gave birth to a son, Douglas, on August 15, 1897 while David H. and Walter were still in Salt Lake but Walter was out of the hospital and recovering by this time and Eva had returned home to help her. I believe that she may have had the baby in Pinto, Utah at the home of her father, Bishop Robert Knell. At this time babies that were born in St. George in the summertime usually didn't survive because of the heat and summer complaint (diarrhea) and I know that her daughter (my grandmother, Clara Cannon Burgess) was born in Pinto in 1891 to avoid this. David H. also mentions corresponding with his second wife, Josephine Crosgrove Cannon, and several of his sons and daughters.

July twenty-fourth is Pioneer Day in Utah. This day commemorates the arrival the first pioneer company into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. While David H. was in Salt Lake City they were celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of this date and there were several people from St. George up there that he mentions. Some, such as James G. Bleak, go to the hospital with him to see Walter. There were also some other events that happened at this time such as deaths and church courts that are important in the church historically and David H. participated or at least was an onlooker during them.

This journal seems to have been written in a small notebook and entries were made daily and probably quickly so are kind of disjointed as most journal entries are. I have done some minor editing by adding a few words [in brackets] and changing some abbreviations such as 1st to first but left the grammar alone. I hope that you enjoy this small glimpse into the past as much as I did.

Cynthia Burgess Alldredge
daughter of Clive M. Burgess,
son of Clara Cannon Burgess,
daughter of David H. Cannon...

First page of notebook.


Tuesday 13 July 1897.
Started at 5 p.m. Took with me my little son, Walter to undergo an operation for Lithotomy also his sister, Eva accompanied us. We camped [at] Leeds for the night. David and Lewis was also with us.

Wednesday 14th July.
As I passed Peter Anderson's arranged for peaches to be sent to the Jubilee, nooned at Bellevue . It rained hard during afternoon. We camped at Bp. Ferd's of Kannarah.

Thursday 15th.
Nooned at Cedar City, took dinner with John S. Woodbury Jr., camped at Rush Lake.

Friday 16th.
My son, Walter had a bad night, suffered much. Found a cow and yearling here. Bro. Ward gave me 20 dollars and is to pay me the balance of what she will bring on my return from the City. Nooned on Ridge and reached Minersville at 4 p.m. Stopped at Jas. McKnight.

Saturday 17th.
Left my team and buggy at Minersville and we rode over to Milford with the boys where we arrived at 12 m stopped at Smithson House. Took sleeper to the City. My expenses at latter place was $4.00.

Sunday 18th.
Arrived in City at 10:30 a.m. Was met by my wife [Willie] and Josephine and other relatives. In afternoon attended meeting of Mutual Improvement Conference and in evening I took my son, Walter to office of Dr. Bascom who subjected the boy to a physical examination to locate the stone. He decided it to be necessary to send him to Hospital next day at 10 a.m., the boy to be put in Woman's Ward. Operation to be made and ten dollars a week paid by Dr. Bascom, all to be, cost not to exceed two hundred dollars.

Monday 19th.
At 10 a.m. my daughter Eva and myself took Walter to the Hospital. It was decided that he must be left for treatment a few days, but that neither of us could be with him. This is a great trial to me. The Boy is brave. I telegraphed my wife, Rhoda, that examination would take place today and that I would write tomorrow.

Tuesday 20th.
Was out to see the semi-cen. com. about the young lady who was to represent our Co. at the Tabernacle today. Was at the unveiling of the Pioneer Monument. In the afternoon went to the Hospital and seen my poor suffering boy. The Dr. has decided to perform the operation tomorrow. Took dinner at George Lambert's, administered to Sister Dwire.

Wednesday 21st.
Went to the Hospital at 8:30 a.m. Bro. Jas G. Bleak, George C. Lambert, and my Bro. Angus M. were with me. I went into the ward where Walter was, found him courageous. The nurse took him into her arms and carried him to the operating room. It seems the most severe trial to me. In a short time the Dr. sent for me to look at the stone they had taken from his bladder--1 1/4 inches long, 1 inch wide and 3/4 of an inch thick. The Boy is resting easily. In evening viewed the City. Telegraphed to Rhoda; administered to Sister Dwire.

Thursday 22d.
Telephoned the Hospital. Boy rested well last night and is doing nicely. Telegraphed Rhoda. Witnessed the parade. Went to the Hospital, Angus accompanied me. Took in parade tonight at Chus office.

Friday 23d.
Telegraphed David to meet D.H. Morris and folks on morning of 31st. Telephoned to Hospital. Boy rested well and progressing nicely. Went to see Walter at Hospital. Went to Saltair . Willie, Eva, and Josephine were there. Cars so crowded that we had to stand up all the way home. Wrote to Rhoda, administered to Sister Dwyre.

Saturday 24th.
The day was warm. I wrote to Bp. Knell. Went to the Bank and witnessed the procession. In the evening went to Mine's to witness fireworks on Arsnel Hill. Night was warm. Went and administered to Claud Dodge.

Sunday 25th.
Went and administered to Claud Dodge, then Angus M. Cannon Jr. accompanied me to the Hospital. I opened the meeting at the Tabernacle by prayer. Jos. F. Smith preached. We, Angus and myself went to Bro. George Q.'s. We attended meeting at the Cannon Ward. I spoke to the Saints and administered to Preston.

Monday 26 July.
Received a note from Edward Dodge asking me to come and administer to his son. Angus and myself done so. I bought shafts. We then went to his office. In the afternoon I went and bought wire for M.L. McAllister. Took supper with John Beers, was at the Hospital, my son is better. Shopped--Wallpaper.

Tuesday 27th.
Went to the Prest Office. They said I had better stop and take the boy home with me. I went to the store got 3 sks shugar, 3 boxes soap, 1 gross bottles (half qts, half 2 qts). Called at Hospital, they have taken the drain out of his bladder. They instructed the nurse to give the boy all he wants to eat, only they direct what it is to be. I got pass over the R.G.W. Railroad to Point, left the City at 5 p.m., visited Angus's vineyard, where I met him. Ambrose Mason drove us to Bp. Mousley's where we got supper and stopped all night.

Wednesday 28th.
Ambrose Mason came to Lewis Mousley's and got us and drove us to the Point. I went to flag the train, it would not stop. I walked up to Bro. Turner's. He was not at home, walked back to Ambrose's, he drove me to Murray where I took street car and reached the City at 3:30 p.m. I went to the Hospital, found Walter improving, called upon Dr. Bascom, he does not want the boy to go home until he says the time is right.

Thursday 29th.
Called at Prest. Woodruff office. They arranged to give me two hundred dollars to pay the Dr. Telegraphed home. Walter slept well and is cheerful. Dinner at Bro. Angus's. Went to Hospital, paid Co-op for things, took supper at Lewis's and Mame's, met Lucas Hoagland, went home and slept at Uncle Geo. Q. Cannon's. It rained a little as Mary Alice drove us, Bro. George Q. and myself, over to his house. The day has been warm. Telegraphed home.

Friday 30.
I accompanied Bro. Geo. Q. to Prest. Woodruff's house. He is very poorly. Got to the office at 9:30 a.m. Bro. Jack gave me two hundred dollars cash. I went to the Hospital and took my daughters. In the evening at 6 they started home. I felt sorry to see them go. I wrote to David and sent it by Eva.

Saturday 31st.
I wrote to Josephine and Bp. Knell. Took dinner at Amanda's. Went to the Hospital. Walter is doing well. I called upon Dr. Bascom and paid him two hundred dollars cash. He tried to get out of the treatment at the Hospital, but finally said he would pay his own bills.

Sunday 1st August 1897
Fast day. I was at Aunt Sarah M. Cannon's in the forenoon. At 2 p.m. went to the Hospital. My son is out today for the first time since the operation in an invalid chair being wheeled about the building. Ann M., Leonora, and Charles M. all accompanied me. In the evening I went to the 13th Ward meeting to attend their conference. I spoke to them 3/4 of an hour. Day has been warm.

Monday 2d Aug 1897
Went out [to] Abraham's farm. Mina and Amanda in one buggy and Willie and myself in the other . On my return I went to the Hospital, found my son in a chair at the door waiting for me to come. He is cheerful and doing well. I telegraphed to Rhoda, got a dispatch from David, all well, they reached Cedar City yesterday.

Tuesday 3d.
I wrote to Mina, my daughter, and Frank also to E.H. Snow. Dinner at Amanda's. At 2 p.m. Angus and myself went to the Hospital found Walter at the door sitting in a perambulating chair. He is improving nicely. Called at Chas M. Cannon's office.

Wednesday 4th.
I wrote to Prest. McArthur. At 2 p.m. went to the hospital, found Walter well-pleased to see me. In afternoon Sister Neglie called upon me. I got to fill appointment to meet Cannon Genealogical Society at 7 p.m. Returned to Angus M. Cannon's to sleep.

Thursday 5th.
Telephoned to Hospital to my son. He had a good night, is doing well. Went to the Prest Office. Prest. Woodruff is better and improving. Went to the Hospital, spent an hour with him, he is doing well. At supper with Mina. Bro. George Q. and Angus was there. Had a good time.

Friday 6th.
At 10 a.m. I attended the High Council Meeting of the Salt Lake Stake, Apostles Young, Lyman and Grant had brought Moses Thatcher before the council to answer to the charge of apostasy. The council took a recess until 2 p.m. After dinner I went to the Hospital and at 3 p.m. to the council meeting, which was held in Prest. Young's school house. I took supper at Sarah's and in evening came to Clarence's where Amanda and Willie had preceded us. Angus and myself slept at John M.'s. I started a letter to Rhoda but did not finish it. It rained this p.m.

Saturday 7th.
Came to the City from John M. Cannon's. Telephoned to Hospital to know about Walter. He is doing well. I wrote to Rhoda. Attended Stake priesthood meeting. Went to the Hospital, Willie accompanied me. At 3 p.m. went to the High Council. Moses Thatcher occupied most of the time in making his defense. Council adjourned to meet at 10 a.m. Monday. I received a letter from Rhoda today, Eva got home on Tuesday. Bro. Lyman and myself made a programme for to visit our stake.

Sunday 8th.
Went to Herriman [with] Jos. F. Smith, Pres. A.M.C. and J.E.T. to organize a ward. The priesthood meeting was convened at which the name of the man appointed by the High Council and approved by First Presidency [was presented]. One man said he did not approve of the man. No one knew anything against him but had heard things against him. Bro. Smith asked them if they could not overlook this; if they could not forgive him. They said they could not do so. The[y] voted 21 in favor, 4 votes against, 8 did not vote at all. Bro Smith asked to make it unanimous, there was but one vote to do so. He then asked them if they would rather have a Branch organized, all voted that they would. It was decided to give them such organization. In the afternoon I spoke 1st, J.E. Taylor 2d, A.M.C. 3d, and Jos. F. Smith finished and a Priest was appointed to preside. The priesthood of the ward was suspended. In the evening I spoke at the 14[th] Ward meeting to a good house.

9th Monday.
10 a.m. Thatcher's trial opened again. My son still improves. I telegraphed to Rhoda and Jas. G. Bleak and also wrote to Bro. Bleak and sent 1/2 rate to his son for to go to Provo. Thatcher's trial resumed at 2 p.m. At the close of the session I went to Moses and asked him now as the evidence is in--throw himself into the hands of the council and abide their decision. He answered me, "No, Joseph Smith, nor Jesus never done that and Moses Thatcher would not". I went to medhospital and at 6 p.m. Angus and myself took the cars to see Aunt Elizabeth Mousley and her daughter.

Tuesday 10th.
I telephoned to the Hospital. The boy is doing well. Attended Thatcher's trial at 10 a.m. At 1 p.m. council adjourned till 5 p.m. I went to the hospital and to Dr. Bascom's. The boy comes out tomorrow. Called upon my sister, Mrs. Lambert. I wrote to Prest McArthur and sent programme of Bro. Lyman's visit to the settlements of our stake in Sept. next. At 5 p.m. went to the High Council meeting, continued 7:30 p.m. Evidence was all in; cross examination. Adjourned to 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Wednesday 11th Aug 1887.
Went to the Hospital at 9:30 a.m. and the Dr. dressed the wound on my son. I had Willie with me to see how it was done. We brought Walter home. Went to the High Council at 10:10 a.m. they took a recess until 5 p.m. at which time the council met and completed the speaking and rebuttal speaking, then they adjourned until 9 a.m. tomorrow. At 7:30 I attended and spoke to an Elder's conference.

Thursday 12th.
At 9 a.m. was at the High Council of the Salt Lake Stake, Moses Thatcher completely surrendered his position and acknowledged his faults and asked his Brethren to forgive him and acknowledged that the Apostles who brought the charge against him had done so purely for his soul's salvation and that he was willing for the First Presidency and the Apostles to assist in making the decision, and that no degradation would be too great for him as salvation was what he wanted. Decision to be rendered at 10 a.m. tomorrow. In afternoon I went and had one of my front teeth pulled and cleaned and put back in again. It is very sore.

Friday 13th.
Got Aunt Willie and Mary to go to the Hospital with Walter. I attended trial of Bro. Thatcher. The decision was that the charge was sustained and that Bro. Moses was to make acknowledgements and have them published. He took 30 days in which to conform to the decision. I took Walter and Willie with me to Saltair. I bathed in the Lake for the first time in my life. Chas M. invited us all to go, my Bro. Angus and Amanda were also there. Walter ate more than he had eat for a week. We came home at 8 p.m.

Saturday 14th.
I wrote to my wife, Rhoda, and to Bp. Knell, also to my son, Angus at Sterling, Montgomery Co. Nev. I was shown the letter written by Prest. Woodruff to the King and Queen of Norway and to be put into the onyx box which contains Book of Mormon. The book is bound in white. The box is the [most] beautiful thing I ever looked at and was made from Utah onyx and by a Utah artist, has a pure gold plate on the front with inscription telling that the box and contents were gotten up and sent to his Majesty on the anniversary, 25 years, of his reign by the Scandinavians of Utah. Prest. Woodruff's letter was written last night at 12 o'clock and contains his blessing to the King and Queen.

Sunday 15th.
At 10 a.m. I took my son to St. Marks Hospital. At 2 p.m. attended meeting in the large Tabernacle and spoke to the people for 35 minutes. At 6:30 attended 16[th] Ward conference, after the authorities were presented I spoke to the people a short time.

Monday 16th.
At the President's office and wrote to my son, David, came back to my Bro. Angus' office and wrote to my son, Angus. After dinner went to the Prest. office and drew 75 dollars in coupons on the ---- T.O. Bp. N.A. Empey called upon me and asked me to use my influence to have his Bro. Chas Empey of St. George --- one of his other Brothers. The folks went to American Fork. Amanda A., Mary and ------ and Angus, the latter on business, the former on pleasure bent.

Tuesday 17th.
Took my little son to the Barber's and had his hair cut, then went to the hospital. Called at Prest office. Angus got back from American Fork, had no luck.

Wednesday 18th.
At Angus's office. I wrote to Lewis R., also to D.H.C. Jr. at Prest's office.

Thursday 19th.
I presented the name of Hyrum Jones as 2d councilor to Bp. F.O. Holt of Gunlock Ward in St. George Stake. They were approved. Edw. Lewis-1st councilor. I wrote to Prests McArthur and Snow. Went to Bro George Q's, took supper. Willie and Walter accompanied me. Took Walter to hospital on this morning.

Friday 20th.
At Prest office, then got pants at Co-op. Took Willie to Dr. Wilcox's, he examined her and prescribed for her--paid 5 dollars and furnished spray. Went to Saltair and took Willie and Walter.

Saturday 21st.
Went to Hospital, Dr. says boy could not do better than he is. Went to Prest's office and Co-op store. Got tickets to American Fork, took train at 6 p.m. Angus got on train at Lehi Junction. Slept at Ed Robinson's, Willie and Walter with me. Got a letter from Eva giving account of baby's birth .

Sunday 22nd.
Took breakfast at Ed's, went down to creamery where they turn out about 200 lbs of butter per day. Took dinner at Edward's. At 2 p.m. went to meeting and addressed the people 3/4 an hour. After meeting a number of people called in to see us. Mrs. Hindley and Joseph Birch and others. At 5 p.m. I went to the funeral of Sister Thornton Taylor and spoke to the Saints for a short time. Slept at Ed's where we were treated kindly.

Monday 23rd Aug 1897
Took train at 8:20 for Salt Lake. Came up to the Prest. office. At 2 p.m. called upon Sister Buchanan and at 3 p.m. telegraphed E.B. Snow. At 4 p.m. went to John Q. Cannon's to dinner, Angus and wife accompanied us.

Tuesday 24th.
At Prest. office. I wrote to L.E. Moench at Ogden. At 2 p.m. attended and spoke at the funeral of Archie Buchanan Jr. Went to the cemetery and at 7:30 p.m. went to the Cannon Ward to attend a farewell party to be given to Bro. Meyer who is going on a mission to the Southern States.

Wednesday 25 Aug 1897
Went to A.M.C.'s office and wrote to my daughter, Mina. Prest's telephoned for me. I went up and had lunch. They gave a recommend to J.F. Johnson to have second anointing. I telegraphed Bro. Bleak, got word from home. Spent evening at George Scott's.

Thursday 26.
At 8 a.m. we went to Ogden to attend the birthday celebration of Richard Ballantyne. We were met at depot by Prof. Moench with carriages. Went to the Leaster Park. I offered the opening prayer and spoke during the day to the people. Called upon Mattie Cannon, took dinner with Prof. Moench, came home at 7 p.m., went to the Arcade Restaurant had oysters and beer.

Friday 27.
Went to Angus's office, wrote to Mina , and Nora and Eva. Went to the Prest's office and got bill of pipe sent to Temple 11th May '97. Bill of pipe delivered at Milford 21st. Telegraphed to Bleak. Went to see Dr. Bascom, then went got my watch. Sent telegram to David asking him what time he could have team at Milford for me when I would send the word. Went and took supper at F.B. Woodbury, had ice cream, one of my front teeth come out while eating.

Saturday 28.
Went to telegraph office got a dispatch from David H. Jr., he said he could send in four days. I wrote to Bp. Knell told him I would hold meeting at their place on Sunday 5th Sept. I telegraphed David to meet me on Thursday night and Angus, Aunt Amanda, Willie, Walter, and myself took supper at John Beerses. Came home at 8:30 p.m.

Sunday 29th Aug 1897
Attended funeral of Parley P. Pratt at the 18th Ward chapel. The opening remarks were by A.M.C. followed by Pres. J.F. Smith who read 11 chap book of Alma and made remarks in praise of the dead and said he had no doubt about the future of the deceased. At 2 p.m. attended meeting in Salt Lake Tabernacle and in the evening 21st Ward meeting. I spoke to people 30 minutes.

Monday 30th.
I called at Prest. office. They ordered 4 hundred lbs wire sent Milford and staples to put it up, also got $150.00 on the Parowan Stake for the Temple. In the afternoon called upon Dr. Bascom and gave him money to get me a (sound or second or ?) to operate on my son, Walter. Go to Aunt Clara's to take supper and spend the evening. I wrote to George Worthen informing him of his mother's death which occurred last night.

Tuesday 31st August 1897.
I went to Prest. office to see W.W. Woodruff. Went over to West Jordan and seen Maritz and her children. Got my teeth fixed and went to Liberty Park. Most of my Bro. Angus's family were there. We had a good time.

Wednesday 1st September
Went to Prest's office. Prest Woodruff gave me account of his visits from Prest. Smith and Young. Went to the Dr. with the boy, got teeth from Charles.

Thursday 2d Sept 1897
Called at Chas M. Cannon's office. Went to the Prest's office and bid them good by. Come down to the Cullen Hotel, seen Bp. Jas. Andrus. Angus and myself called at Railroad office. Burley gave me a clergy's half-rate permit annual. Will take the cars at 6 p.m.. Took sleeper to Milford.

Friday 3d Sept '97
David met us this morning at Milford. Came over to Minersville, took dinner with Bp. McKnight. Paid him $5.95 for taking care of horses. Drove to Rush Lake where we arrived at 6 p.m. The day has been delightful for driving.

Saturday 4 Sept. '97
Stopped at Bro. Ward's all night, had supper and stopped all night and breakfast this morning. Would not take pay. Started at 8 a.m. Stopped an hour for noon and gave horses oats, reached Pinto at 4 p.m. found the folks all well at Father Knell's.


Note at end of book:

Jas Andrus Jr. was baptized on 15th Oct 1868, confirmed the same day. Laura A. Andrus Jr. same day as also David H. Cannon Jr. Bp. Robt. Gardner officiating.

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